Established in 2015

AURORAE’s atmospheric and frenzied style, along with the energy in their live performances, show why the Tampa Bay post metal quartet is a force to be reckoned. Each member brings a unique musical aesthetic to the band and over the years they’ve grown comfortable jumping genres and mashing up influences.

AURORAE seek to expand on the atmospheric sound of modern post rock and post metal and add in their various influences from grindcore and black metal, to new wave alternative and jazz.

michael giorgi
// vocals

Michael draws inspiration from metal of all shapes and sizes, pop, rap, and anime theme songs. Vocally, he finds himself influenced by the musical stylings of Randy Blythe, Devin Townsend, and Nergal from Behemoth. In his free time, you can find him lifting heavy things, reading comic books, and eating Aurorae concert attendees alive. Michael recently graduated with a degree in commercial music studies from Florida State University and currently works as a personal trainer.

justin medlen
// guitars

A major fan of jazz and grindcore, as well as many other genres of music, Justin studied music and graduated with a music degree from the University of South Florida. Justin plans to continue his music education and work in Arts Administration.

jordan medlen
//bass - drums

Is heavily influenced by New Wave of British heavy Metal such as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and others. Jordan also loves 80’s new wave bands such as Duran Duran, New Order and more. Jordan has a degree in electronics engineering, works in Information Technology and runs Alpha State Audioworks, a full production recording studio, located in Tampa, Florida.

management & booking

Phone: +1.813.863.1602